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  • Application fee waived if you visit our campus, new scholarship money

    Application Fee Waived

    Application fee waived if you visit us.
  • Penn State Lives Here Lion Statue

    Penn State Lives Here

    Twenty-four campuses, 17,000 faculty and staff, 100,000 students. On our campuses, across our country, around the world. Penn State lives here.
  • Two PSU DuBois engineering students working on a press

    Hands on Learning

    Engineering:  Penn State is well-known among engineering companies. Potential employers work with our labs & students on research at campus. Our graduates continue to find sustaining employment.
  • PSU DuBois wildlife student feeding baby rabbit with an eyedropper

    Interested In Wildlife?

    Only at our campus, wildlife professionals know of the program and are ready to hire our students.  Learn more about completing a degree at DuBois.
  • PSU DuBois students volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

    Volunteer & Service-Learning

    Students earned: President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Highest honor a college/university can receive for commitment to volunteering, service-learning, & civic engagement.
  • Business staff standing with hospital staff

    Business & Health Services

    Penn State DuBois students working in the Bachelor of Science in Business can chose to complete their option studying Health Services to work in hospitals or health care organizations
Degrees in Healthcare
Nurses giving a patient CRP
PSU DuBois is the leader in educating the future health and administrative professionals in North Central PA.
New Sports in 2016
PSU Athletic Lion Logo, blue and white image of a lion's face
Baseball and Softball teams to start up in 2015-2016
Adults & Veterans
Screenshot of TV Spot showing Adult Student
Want to start classes or finish that degree? Our full service office for Adult and Veteran Students is just a click away.
It's Your Time
Learn about the benefits of attending PSU DuBois
Learn about the benefits of attending PSU DuBois
Recruiters rank PSU #1
Recruiters rank PSU #1, Find out why Penn State is ranked #1 among recruiters.
Find out why Penn State is ranked #1 among recruiters.
Take the first step!
It's Your Time. Written in white letters on a dark blue circle.

Our students tell you...why they love Penn State DuBois - It's Your Time!


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