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Managing Your Time

Use waiting time - it quickly adds up:

  • 5 minutes waiting for a ride
  • 20 minutes waiting for a dentist
  • 10 minutes between classes


Helpful hints:

  • Carry 3x5 card with facts, formulas and definitions, you can pull them out anywhere!
  • Take advantage of your commute to school with a tape recorder Record yourself reading your notes and play it as you drive.
  • Get off the phone! The telephone is an ultimate interrupter. Get an answering machine, let your voice mail take the call or study somewhere else.
  • Can I do just one more thing? Ask yourself this question at the end of the day. You'll be surprised how your overall productivity will increase.

Taking Good Notes

Try Cornell format of note-taking:

  • On each page of your notes, draw a vertical line, top to bottom 2 inches from the left edge of the paper
  • Write your notes on the right side of this line
  • Use the area of the left for key word clues and sample questions
  • Fill in the left hand column when you review your notes
  • Copy all of the material from the board. If it's on the board, it needs to be in your notes
  • Use pictures and diagrams. Your notes should be more than a bunch of words. Be creative. Make links that you understand (even if no one else does!)
  • Use blank space. Notes crammed in to every space on the page are difficult to read and review. You won't run out of paper. Leave blank spaces for additional information as you review for your exams