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SMART Boards and Sympodiums are available in several classrooms on campus. This page contains some resources to help instructors use the technology effectively.

SMART Board in Swift 228

SMART Boards are available in several classrooms on campus. These interactive whiteboards help instructors bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. SMART Sympodiums offer similar advantages in a tablet-like form factor.


SMART Boards

Swift 109 - General Classroom, Lower Floor

Swift 111 - General Classroom, Lower Floor

Swift 112 - General Classroom, Lower Floor

Swift 204 - Tiered Classroom with Hide-Away Computer Desks, Upper Floor

Swift 218 - Language Lab with Collaborative Desks, Upper Floor

Swift 228 - General Classroom, Upper Floor

DEF 202 - Continuing Education Classroom


SMART Sympodiums

Multipurpose 012 - Wildlife Classroom, Lower Floor

Multipurpose 107 - Physical Therapy Classroom, Upper Floor


Training and Information Links

SMART Board 885ix Interactive Whiteboard System Hardware Description

SMART Training Home Page
SMART Board and Sympodium Training
SMART Notebook Collaborative Learning Software Training

SMART Document Camera 330 Training

SMART Exchange - Lesson Plans and Classroom Modules

Tips For Smart Board Use

  • Wait 30 seconds or so before attempting to log into a lab computer after waking the computer from sleep.
  • To capture an image from the document camera onto the SMART Board, click the button from inside the SMART Notebook software.
  • If the computer image is off-center on the SMART Board, try using the podium touch panel to change the SMART Board source to DVD and then back to PC again.  This should allow the SMART Board to readjust to your desktop's resolution. 
  • When writing on the board with a SMART pen, you can erase a mistake quickly using the side of your hand, just as you might do on a dry-erase board.  But be careful, sometimes a baggie shirt sleeve can erase your writing accidentally.