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Authentication is Required in ALL Penn State DuBois Computer Labs

Penn State DuBois has implemented an authentication system, which allows students to gain access to the computers in the student labs. You do this by using your Penn State AccessID. The primary use of your AccessID is to allow you access to Penn State DuBois campus' computer network, printing, using available software packages, retrieving your email, etc. 

This account is used to gain access to a number of on-line student services. One use for the access account is electronic mail. Electronic mail is used extensively for communicating with your instructor and submitting assignments for courses. It is also used for test score reporting, unofficial transcripts, accessing student records, and using dial-up services.

This account is for student use only.

DO NOT give anyone your password as they will be able to read your e-mail, see your grades, etc... E-mail may not be used for the transmission of offensive or threatening information. 

It is STRONGLY recommended that all students activate their accounts as soon as possible. All students registered for classes are assigned an AccessID by University Park.

To obtain your AccessID and initial password, and to active your account, use the Signature Station located in the main computer lab in Swift 101A, or the HelpDesk in Swift 105. These stations will allow you to activate your account using the PSU photo ID card. Your account will become active immediately; however your email will not be active until 24 hours after activation. To use the station, you will need your Penn State Photo ID Card. Simply follow the directions on the screen. If you have trouble, ask the lab attendant for help.

Exactly how do I authenticate?

When you initially start a lab PC you are greeted with a login screen. In the field called "Access Account User ID", enter your AccessID, which is the same as your AccessID (example: xyz123), and then supply your password.

Note:  Passwords are case sensitive

Continue to use your AccessID and password, each time you use a PC located in one of the PSU DuBois computer labs.

When you leave the computer - BE SURE TO LOGOFF!!

When you are done using a computer, be sure that you choose "Logoff" from the Start menu. Your account is your personal account and your password is confidential information. DO NOT let someone else login as you, or use your account.

Your AccessID is your identity on the Penn State system. So please guard your password wisely. 

What if I need assistance?

If you need any assistance, please use the LabChat icon on your desktop.


Stop by Swift

248, and someone will be glad to offer assistance and/or answer your questions.


Notes: Choose passwords that are strong, not easily guessed.