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Penn State DuBois Hotlines

Emergency (Fire, Ambulance, Police): Dial 911
Report your concerns to: 1-800-560-1637

Report your concerns to: 1-800-560-1637

All reports can be anonymous so you can help maintain an ethical workplace without fear of retaliation. We have made a commitment to ethical behavior and are asking you to do the same. If you witness questionable activity in the workplace, report it.

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University Police Badge

Penn State DuBois Police Services: 

Emergency (Fire, Ambulance, Police):   

Dial - 911

Clearfield County 911 Center Non-Emergency Numbers:

1-800-689-3535 (814 area code only).
814-765-9911, 9912, 9922

Penn State DuBois Campus Police Services:

814-375-4734 / 4710 or County 911 Center

Officer Licatovich: jfl12@psu.edu
NOTE: If the campus officer is not on duty the 911 center will dispatch a DuBois City Police Officer.

DuBois City Police: 

1-800-689-3535 (County 911 Center)

814-371-2326 (Office)

PSU-DuBois Business Service Office / Tech Service: 814- 375-4710

John Luchini: 814-590-4495
NOTICE: If you dial 4710 and the office is closed, the call will be forwarded to an on duty Service Tech person via portable radio, and that person will answer you. In addition, when the campus police are on duty they monitor this channel.

Pennsylvania State Police - DuBois Barracks: 814-371-4652

PSU- Emergency Management

PSU-DuBois Police Web



University Park's Hotlines: http://www.psu.edu/ur/hotline.html

University Ethics Policies: View Online

Penn State's Behavioral Threat Management: http://btmt.psu.edu/

Community Resource Hotlines

Local (or DUBois Area) Resource for Sexual Assault: PASSAGES, Inc.:  1-800-793-3620 or 814-371-9677 http://passagesinc.net/

Local (or Dubois area) Resource for Mental / Behavioral Health Issues - County Crisis Hotline: (800) 341-5040 (24 hours/7days per week)

Penn Highlands DuBois Behavioral Health Services - Toll Free Help Line:  1-877-797-1685 (24 hours/7days per week)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

National Sexual Assault (RAINN) Hotline: 800-799-7233

Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence-AWARE: 888-981-1457

PS Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence: 800-560-1637 / 866-714-7177-TTY



Ethics & Compliance Hotline: 800-560-1637

Penn Highlands DuBois (Emergency Room): 371-2000

Penn Highlands DuBois (Hospital): 371-2200

Drug & Alcohol Info (Falls Creek): 371-9002

Ethics & Compliance Hotline: 800-560-1637

Family Planning Clinic (Clearfield): 765-9677

Free Medical Clinic: 814-375-6330 or 372-2278

Free/Confidential HIV Testing (Clearfield State Health Ctr. by appt.): 765-0542

STD Information: 800-462-4966

Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic - Outpatient Clinic: 814-375-6817



Bus Depot 371-8130

DuFast Transit 371-3940