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The PAWS Program at Penn State DuBois is designed to partner students with industry early on in their academic careers to allow them an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning their degrees. Development and employment of local talent is the program’s top priority.

The partnership will allow an accepted student in the program the opportunity to work with a company for a period of time and gain valuable input from industry. In addition, professional development activities are provided to students throughout the year.

Student Recruitment and Application Process

The PAWS Program is now part of the Penn State DuBois recruitment activities. Company partners in the PAWS Program will be listed on the recruitment brochure, website and other materials for interested students. Recruitment efforts will focus on:

* Students in our service area of Western Pennsylvania who are interested in applying to Penn State DuBois and achieve a high school GPA of at least 3.5.

* Students who apply to Penn State DuBois, declare a specific major, and whose overall GPA  meet or exceed the level needed for consideration.

Qualified students will be sent an information packet and applicants will be invited to apply for admission to the program. All students who apply and enroll at Penn State DuBois and who meet the academic criteria for the program will be accepted.

PAWS Professional Development and Internships

PAWS Program students will participate in a series of monthly professional development seminars which cover topics related to Resume and Interview Preparation, Career Talks, Portfolio Development , Research Fair Participation, Dining Etiquette and Networking with Professionals.

Late in the fall semester, participating companies will be invited to interview the students in order to determine which students would best fit the needs of their specific internship positions. Companies will forward their top candidates to the campus coordinator who will facilitate the process of making offers with consideration of student choices. New interns will begin job shadowing in January. Actual internships will begin in May.

Company Commitment

This program is a partnership between local companies and Penn State DuBois. Companies hiring students in the PAWS program agree to:

*  Hire Penn State DuBois students with promise and commitment to them for a maximum of four years (providing the student performance is satisfactory and they are a full-time student.  Part-time students may wish to negotiate a different time commitment). It is understood that the majority of these students begin the program as freshmen and therefore start with less experience than is typically found at the internship level. 

* Provide meaningful work for the students during their internship process which is typically 10 hours per week during 28 weeks of school and 40 hours a week for the summer. We estimate the commitment to be about 840 working hours per year

* Provide meaningful and honest feedback to Penn State DuBois about the program;

* Attend semi-annual meetings with Penn State representatives to discuss the progress of the program, specific intern’s performance with faculty advisors, and ways to improve the program to meet company needs;

* Integrate students into the company culture and climate and provide increasing responsibility that challenges and “tests” the interns. The goal of the program is to produce an employable student for you or another company at graduation who hits the ground running with the skills you desire.

* Adhere to hourly work and salary guidelines as set by the program, although the financial commitment will likely vary by company, student, and circumstance. Due to the strong academic requirements at Penn State, students should not be expected to work over 15 hours a week during the school year.

* These are noncredit internships—some students will need to complete a for credit internship at some point during their college career.  If this is the case, other guidelines may apply which will be discussed with you separately.


Program Timeline

¨ Summer : A reception for students who have applied/been invited to apply to the PAWS Program, and for participating and prospective companies.

¨ August: PAWS Student applications due.

¨ August-September: Accepted PAWS students are notified and fall semester begins.

¨ September-October: Students begin participation in PAWS seminars preparing for interview process. Participating companies are notified of upcoming interview and selection process for internship positions.

¨ Early November: Interview Day at the Penn State DuBois campus.

¨ November-December: Follow-up interviews and site visits with selected candidates to be scheduled as needed by the individual participating companies.

¨ December: Offers made by companies to selected students.

¨ January: Students begin job shadowing positions with companies.

¨ May: Students begin actual internships with companies.


Questions or to sign up for the program

Please contact the Career Services representative below for more information about this program.

Anna Akintunde

Career Counselor

102 Hiller Building

(814) 372-3015 or email aaa39@psu.edu