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The time has arrived to nominate faculty members for the Educator of the Year Award sponsored by the DuBois Educational Foundation. The purpose of the award is to encourage excellence in teaching.

Below is the nomination form that includes a description of the eligibility requirements and the criteria for the award.

Faculty, please feel free to announce this to the students in your classes. We have put a supply of nomination forms in the Student Union, and in the lobby areas in the Smeal, and Swift buildings.

All nominees must be full-time faculty members with at least one year of prior service at Penn State DuBois. the most recent winners, Daudi Waryoba and Robert Loeb, are not eligible for the award.

Please describe your nominee's qualifications in the 'Additional Comments' section in the box below. Your nomination should include a section on classroom performance and one on out-of classroom activities. A suggested format is listed below.

The award winner will be chosen based on the number and quality of nominations received. Please provide specific examples for as many of the criteria listed below as possible.

Ballots must be completed by April 22, 2016.

Suggested format for 'Additional Comments' section below:

1. Name of faculty member being nominated.

2. Classroom Performance:

  • Describe how the educator motivates and interests students. Give examples of how he/she establishes rapport by showing enthusiasm, compassion, and respect for the students.
  • Describe how the educator inspires the students to a high level of achievement. Give examples of how his/her students learn the course material and how to think critically. Describe how she/he excels at lecturing, leading discussion, conducting labs, and/or correcting assignments.

3. Out-of-Classroom Activities:

  • Describe how the educator excels as an advisor who is available to his/her advisees and to other students who ask advice. Describe how the educator shows a genuine interest in students' careers and life goals.
  • List the educator's extracurricular student activities.

Include your name and contact information in the spaces below:





Faculty Member Being Nominated

* indicates a required field