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  • Realize that when you sign a lease or contract on or off campus, you have taken on financial responsibility, which you will be expected to fulfill.
  • Take your time when looking for housing.  It’s your money and you will be responsible for it.
  • Ask for everything in writing.  Meet your roommates before you sign your lease.
  • Remember that any contract or lease you sign is legal and binding in court.
  • When you have a problem or concern regarding your apartment, talk to your landlord first.
  • Inspect your apartment before you move in or within two days for damages.  Notify the landlord in writing (damage checklist).
  • Care about where you live and report vandalism and mischief to the proper authorities.



  • Assume anything; ask questions of your landlord.
  • Feel pressured to make a quick decision.  Remember, once you sign you are financially responsible for the housing.
  • Assume that you can move into an apartment with complete strangers and you won’t have a difference of opinion.  Assume the landlord will resolve roommate conflicts.  It’s not a requirement of the lease/contract.
  • Don’t expect the landlord to remember your request for repairs if you don’t write them down.
  • Assume the landlord will let you out of your lease because you changed your mind for any reason.
  • Fill out any application until you are certain it’s the place you want.