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The following is a list of tasks that need to be accomplished for a successful "general" program. Identify the tasks which need to be accomplished to present the program that you are presenting and delegate the task(s) to the proper committee members. Date when the work needs to be accomplished. Circle the numbers of the areas and/or items that pertain to your program so that you can create a custom checklist for your program.

I. The Program: Before

A. GENERAL 1. Check calendar conflicts 2. Reserve facility (room, etc.) 3. Prepare and sign contracts and letters of agreement 4. Reserve special equipment 5. Coordinate physical set-up 6. Arrange for security 7. Comply with University/Organizations policies and regulations: - Sales - Solicitation - Outside speakers - Party/dances - Posting notices - Other 8. Decide theme

B. THE BUDGET - TREASURER: 1. Establish petty cash - if necessary 2. Prepare proposed budget 3. Issue purchasing orders 4. Review and pay all invoices

C. COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: Decorations 1. Design decorations 2. Buy materials 3. Construct decorations

 I. The Program:

ENTERTAINMENT 1. Contract band, performers, or speakers 2. Process payment

PROGRAMS/AWARDS 1. Design and print programs 2. Obtain ushers 3. Order awards 4. Prepare script 5. Arrange for emcee

THE PUBLICITY 1. Prepare calendar of events 2. Prepare materials for bulletin boards and special displays 3. Prepare press passes 4. General layout - design and print - logo - letterhead - programs - ads - posters - flyers - table tents - buttons 5. Prepare news articles for: - Bulletins - Newspapers - Newsletters 6. Weekly calendars - campus/community 7. Contract communications service 8. Prepare public service announcements 9. Set up interviews - radio/TV 10. Write letter to target audiences 11. Contact community businesses 12. Arrange use of electronic sign 13. Obtain photographer

REFRESHMENTS 1. Arrange for food service 2. Contact servers 3. Obtain name tags

RESOURCE PEOPLE (VIP'S, JUDGES, SPEAKERS, HONOREES, ETC.) 1. Select and invite special guests 2. Arrange for: - transportation - lodging - meals

TICKETS 1. Decide seating arrangements 2. Have tickets printed and numbered 3. Verify tickets with business office 4. Design sales campaign 5. Reserve ticket outlets 6. Obtain and schedule ticket sellers/ushers 7. Prepare complimentary passes 8. Secure cash boxes/hand stamps 9. Arrange for cash advance

OTHER COMMITTEES and/or FUNCTIONS -list MISCELLANEOUS 1. Order special items: - sweatshirts - gifts - flowers - etc. 2. Obtain special equipment - flashlight - clipboards - stopwatches - pencils - magic markers - paper, newsprint - other II. A few days before the program- Recheck the following: A. Facility and physical set up B. Technical arrangements C. Security arrangements D. Refreshments ordered E. Transportation/Lodging arrangements F. Confirmation of guests G. Ticket sales H. Programs I. Ushers, servers, emcee J. Decorations K. Publications L. Budget M. Check on payment of entertainment, speakers

III. Day of program Check on: A. Facility - room arrangements B. Technical - set up audio-visual equipment C. Coordinate press representatives D. Ticket arrangements 1. Obtain cash boxes, cash advance, tickets, hand stamps 2. Assign sellers and ushers E. Transport VIP's F. Security arrangements 1. Unlock/lock doors, gates 2. Station security G. Put up decorations H. Pay performers, speakers I. Distribute: 1. Programs 2. Name tags 3. Awards J. Introduce guests 1. Script/agenda K. Other

 IV. After the program A. Evaluate