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A well-known process used to generate ideas is brainstorming, by which as many uncensored ideas as possible are listed in a gives amount of time and later prioritized. Another is free association - naming an item, idea, etc. and allowing ideas to develop from the first named. Finally, a key ingredient to idea development is awareness of one's surroundings.

As you take a walk on a beautiful autumn day what thoughts cross your mind that can lead to programming? (for example - outdoors, plant care, hiking, autumn foliage trip, etc.) As you walk through the mall, what potential ideas can be found there? The list is endless, however, we would like to share some of the "old" and perhaps some of the "new" sources of ideas:

What Resources Are Available On Campus? - Students - Parents - Faculty and Staff (survey forms) - Departments (academic and non-academic) - Support services (such as health services, career, counseling, etc.) - Campus organizations - Athletic programs What Written Literature Is Available? - Newspapers - Telephone book - Activities oriented magazines (i.e., College Union, Student Activities Programming) - ACU-1 directory (Don't forget this one!!) - Chamber of Commerce directories - Special papers which highlight area happenings - Literature from State fairs, art shows, etc. - Professional journals (i.e., NASPA) - Newsletters What Resources Are Available In The Community? - Athletic clubs - Airlines - Churches - Government agencies - Libraries - Recreational facilities - Stores (all types) - Travel agencies - Television stations ...and more! - Printers - workshop on lettering - Community groups (i.e., Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) - Educational facilities (high schools, intermediate units, colleges) - Art galleries - Business and industry - Ethnic groups - Hobby shops - Parks - Restaurants - Taverns Last but not least... Colleagues, conferences, word of mouth.