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What Is The Purpose Of Publicity?

--To Create A Favorable Image

--To Attract Attention

 --To Arouse Interest

 --To Stimulate Involvement

--To Explain The Program

--To Communicate Ideas

--To Provide Opportunities For Being Creative

--To Target An Audience

--To sell The Program

--To Bring People Together

The Publicity Campaign

You are about to begin developing The Publicity Campaign. Effective publicity involves planning, creating, and implementing successful marketing concepts by using an organized, systematic approach. Planning the campaign involves working with a committee that is committed to common goals and hard work. The process can be enjoyable and satisfying; working with others provides opportunities for shared creative expression and friendship. The Publicity Campaign outlines the steps one needs to take to begin the preparation of materials and conclude the program successfully. The steps are: Select the team Train the members Assign the tasks Assess the needs Define goals and objectives Detail the plans Create and design various media Produce and distribute the materials Evaluate the results Follow up Write the final report Good luck and happy results!