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*Food Sales-hoagies, candy, etc. (Pre-packaged foods) popcorn, lollipops, etc.

*Coupon Sales - Sheetz MTO's, Pizza Hut coupons, etc.

*Car Washes

*Talent or Services Auctions (donated talent/services)

*Goods Auction (donated goods)

*PSEA Easter Fundraiser (#eggs-win prizes)


*Special Events- athletic contests, games, carnivals, etc.

*Sell what students need- phone card example

*Carnation/rose Sales - at Valentine's Day

*Christmas Gift- wrapping service

*Book Sale - textbooks? Consignment- shop idea?

*Ice Cream Sundae - make your own

*Face paint at Community Events

*Guess the Baby Pics Contest- vote for $$

*MARATHON IDEAS- rocking chair/jump rope/ etc. Collect pledges.

*Varied Basket Auction (Family goods/foods/school supplies/kids/summer stuff/etc.

*Sell Magazine Subscriptions

*Talent Show (entrance fee)



Tuesday, April 22

7:00 pm Multi Purpose Building - Gymnasium

B-Xtreme is a high-energy acrobatic interactive break dancing show. These award winning performers have not only brought dance from the streets but have exhibited their talents to colleges, festivals, half-time, shows film and special events around the world.

Their shows are packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves, and by combining their cutting-edge dance choreography with performing talents, they deliver an unforgettable experience that leaves crowds cheering for more.