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Continuously, but always inconclusively, the subject of recognition is discussed by managers. There is great agreement to its importance but great diversity in its implementation.

Listed below are 92 possibilities from hither and yon.

There is a blank at 93 for the beginning of your own list. It is important to remember that recognition is not so much something you do as it is something you are. It is a sensitivity to others as persons, not strategy for discharging obligations.

Recognition must be sincere and genuinely timely and specific.

1. Smile. 2. Put up a suggestion box. 3. Treat to a soda. 4. Reimburse assignment-related expenses. 5. Ask for a report. 6. Send a birthday card. 7. Always extend dignity and respect. 8. Give service stripes. 9. Maintain a coffee or soda bar. 10. Plan annual ceremonial occasions. 11. Provide opportunities for development. 12. Recognize personal needs and problems. 13. Accommodate personal needs and problems. 14. Be pleasant. 15. Use in an emergency situation. 16. Provide a baby-sitter. 17. Post an Honor Roll in the reception area. 18. Respect wishes. 19. Give informal teas. 20. Keep challenging. 21. Send a Thanksgiving Day card to the family. 22. Provide a nursery. 23. Say "Good Morning." 24. Greet by name. 25. Provide good pre-service/assignment training. 26. Help develop self-confidence. 27. Take time to explain. 28. Be verbal. 29. Motivate the organization's VIP's to converse with staff. 30. Hold rap sessions. 31. Give additional responsibilities. 32. Afford participation in team planning. 33. Respect sensitivities. 34. Enable growth on the job. 35. Enable growth out of the job. 36. Send newsworthy information to the media. 37. Have wine and cheese parties. 38. Ask customers to evaluate the work or service they received. 39. Say "Good Afternoon." 40. Honor preferences. 41. Create pleasant surroundings. 42. Train others. 43. Have a public reception. 44. Take time to talk. 45. Defend against hostile or negative staff. 46. Make good plans. 47. Commend to supervisory staff. 48. Send a valentine. 49. Make thorough pre-arrangements. 50. Meet needs by typing in personal goals with organizational goals. 51. Provide developmental feedback. 52. Provide scholarships to conferences, seminars, or workshops. 53. Write thank-you notes to supervisors. 54. Invite participation in policy formulation 55. Surprise with coffee and cake 56. Celebrate outstanding projects and achievements 57. Nominate for organizational awards. 58. Give Flowers. 59. Carefully match staff with assignments 60. Mention praiseworthy work to their friends. 61. Provide substantive in service training 62. Provide useful tools in good working condition. 63. Say "Good Night" 64. Plan staff and volunteer social events. 65. Be a REAL Person 66. Provide billboard space for public laudation. 67. Accept individuality. 68. Provide opportunities for conferences and evaluation. 69. Maintain meaningful files 70. Send impromptu fun cards. 71. Plan occasional extravaganzas. 72. Instigate client planned surprises. 73. Promote a "person of the month" program. 74. Send letter of appreciation to supervisor. 75. Plan a "recognition edition" of the organization newsletter. 76. Give surprises. 77. Say "we missed you." 78. Promote staff smiles. 79. Facilitate personal recognition. 80. Distinguish between groups and people working in groups. 81. Maintain safe working conditions. 82. Provide adequate orientation. 83. Award special citations for extraordinary achievements 84. Fully indoctrinate into new assignments. 85. Send Christmas cards. 86. Be familiar with the details of assignments. 87. Conduct community wide cooperative, interagency recognition events. 88. Plan a theater party. 89. Plan a trip to a sports event. 90. Have a picnic 91. Say "thank you" 92. Smile.