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"If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's the fact that everyone wants to be appreciated. This goes for managers as well as employees, parents as well as children, and coaches as well as players. We never outgrow this need, even if it looks like we are independent and self-sufficient; the fact is we need others to help us feel valued." Ken Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager "Few management concepts are as solidly founded as the idea that positive reinforcement-rewarding behavior you want repeated-works." Bob Nelson, 1001 Ways to Reward Employees Guidelines for Effectively Rewarding and Recognizing Employees or Team Members:

1. Match the reward to the person

2. Match the reward to the achievement

3. Be timely and specific

Extra Tips:

* The programs should reflect the company's values and business strategy.

* Employees should participate in the development and execution of the programs.

* The programs can involve cash, noncash or both.

* Since what is meaningful to you may not be meaningful to someone else, the programs should encompass variety.

* The Programs should be highly public.

* The programs have a short life span and must be changed frequently.

This info: Thanks to Fanny Moran, West Virginia University, Morgantown.

One of the best assets, resources or "TREASURES" in any organization, company, team, club, association, group is its members. These individuals are the "Glitz & Glitter" that make your group shine!

As leaders you will have lots of opportunities to praise, thank, encourage and acknowledge these individuals so that they will say, "This is a great organization (or team, or committee). I'm glad I'm a member!"

Here are some tips to say thanks to your team and group members.

$$ NO CASH - A sincere word of thanks (verbal, e-mail, voice mail) - Use a person's name - A handshake - Post note message - Give credit- publicly - Volunteer to do another's work - A bravo note! - Collect things (freebies) from a vendor, or a conference and recycle in a grab bag- give away when moral is low. $$$ LOW CASH - "This bud's for YOU!" (rose, paper flower) - Pencil- "The point is you did a great job" - Food coupon- for coffee, tea, Pepsi - Sunglasses- "We noticed you did a great job!" - Invitation to lunch - Award, plaque $$$$ SOME CASH - Organize a trip to __________ - Go to the movies (everyone) - Brown bag- (candles, spaghetti- good for a dinner for two made by you!) - Halloween- pumpkins for everyone - Pizza/Pepsi WACKY CRAZY FOOD AWARDS - You're a lifesaver! - Thanks for you help. We were in a jam! - Thanks, you added punch to our committee. - We were in a pickle. You came through. - Thanks for helping us ketchup on our work! - Your work deserves the sun, the moon and the stars- you deserve the Milky Way! Post a hand on a door or a wall in your area. Whenever you do a good job, lean against it for a few seconds and give yourself a pat on the back.