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G is for Growth Does your organization provide growth opportunities for all interested members? Are there opportunities for members to move into positions of leadership or are there only a few opportunities usually "saved" for the senior members?

R is for Recognition Do you recognize members when great things are occurring in your organization? Don't wait until the end of the year. People need and appreciate being recognized for the hard work they have been accomplishing in a timely manner. Recognition or awards that are presented may also serve as a motivating factor for other members who would like to achieve a certain level of success.

A is for Achievement A sense of "team" achievement is important. Even if the member wasn't the "key" person who helped accomplish a task, it's important that everyone feels as if they contributed to the success of the organization. When the organization is honored, it is important that the group realizes that everyone from a member who may have done a simple task to the president of the organization contributed and has a feeling of accomplishment.

P is for Participation Can everyone participate in programs and events? There is no problem when new members are needed to work on menial tasks but other tasks can't be reserved for "full" status members only. Make sure your organization is open and willing to accept all student members' contributions regardless of how long they have been with the organization.

E is for Enjoyment Volunteering and working hard in an organization has to fun! If being part of a group isn't fun, why be a member? Students' time is valuable and there is a multitude of options for them to be involved with. Make sure one of the best options on campus is being involved with your organization!