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I. The Common Problem:

A. Many organizations vegetate between meetings. There is little or no follow up of decisions reached at the previous general meeting and the next one is likely to have a "no report" from committee chairmen.

B. The vigor and movement forward of an organization is often more closely related to what happens between meetings, than with what takes place at the meetings themselves.

II. Keeping the Membership Informed:

A. Most members are not interested in receiving copies of minutes, and minutes usually do not make very interesting reading. This is especially true of "marginal" members. alumni members. and honorary members!

B. Newsletters offer an excellent opportunity for keeping members informed and in an interesting way. Here are some ideas: 1. Give a calendar of coming events. 2. Name people who are doing important work for the organization. 3. Outline recent decisions that affect the organization, internal and external. 4. Cartoons and free-hand lettering and art work offer variety and are eye-catchers. 5. New members can be identified. 6. Club personalities can be described. 7. Club projects can be promoted. 8. Club objectives can be sharpened.

C. Bulletin Boards offer a unique opportunity for keeping members informed. 1. Photographs, brochures and magazine cut-outs can be displayed. 2. Timely information can be posted without delay. 3. Notes can be written between members. 4. Interested students may become prospective members.