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Student Parking At DuBois:
When parking on campus property student vehicles should be parked in STUDENT PARKING AREAS.   Please note that the streets surrounding the campus have been converted to "Permit Parking Only". Second Avenue, behind the Donald Hiller Building and College Place have both been reserved as Permit Parking Only for Penn State DuBois students. Please note if students choose to park on City property (Streets) students must follow The City of DuBois parking rules and regulations.  Some City parking areas require that the vehicle be registered with the University.

Faculty and Staff Parking at DuBois
All faculty and staff must obtain a hanging parking permit through the office of the Director of Business Services to be able to park in the lots on the DuBois campus.  Parking is not permitted in areas marked "Visitor," in the handicap-accessible spots, or in those with other special designations, such as "Reserved for the Penn Stater of the Quarter”.  If you choose to leave your vehicle in the parking lot overnight during a snowstorm, contact Thomas Hibbert in the Maintenance Office in the Business Services House for information on where to park to prevent it from being blocked in by snow piles from the plow.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits:
All students must register their motor vehicle each semester.  Registration is FREE to all students.  Daytime (a table in the student union) and evening hours (Swift Student Lounge) for vehicle registration are scheduled at the beginning of fall and spring semester.  Copies of this schedule are posted throughout the campus and sent via email.  Once vehicle registration is complete you will have to go to the Finance Office (256 Swift) for additional registration information.  Students MUST bring their license plate number, and PSU id number with them.  Students will then fill out a white card and receive a copy of Penn State DuBois Student Parking and Traffic Regulations and your parking permit.  The first permit is free.  Any additional permits would cost $4.00 each.  The color-coded Hanger type permits should be displayed with the color facing forward hanging from the rear view mirror, sticker permits should be immediately displayed on your rear window, plainly visible.  If for any reason a student uses another vehicle that is not registered, you need to get a temporary permit from the Finance Office which is room 256 in the Swift Building.

Parking Tickets:

If students choose to park on City property (Streets) students must follow the City of DuBois parking rules and regulations.  Some City parking areas require the vehicle be registered with the University.  City fines are $50.00 and the University has no control over them.  Students would have to contact the DuBois City Police Department (814-765-1533 or 371-2000 x105) if they want to dispute the ticket.

Parking Tickets are to be paid in the Finance Office which is located in Room 256 of the Swift Building.  All penalties shall be paid or appealed within 48 hours.  Appeal forms may be obtained when the ticket is paid at the Finance Office or through the Office of Student Affairs.  Failure to comply will result in loss of appeal.  If you decide to appeal, you must first pay your ticket and then you will have the ability to start the appeal process.  Parking on any campus sidewalk will result in a $10.00 fine if paid within 48 hours.  The fine will increase to $12.00 after the 48 hour time period.  The fine for parking in a handicap space will be increased to $25.00 effective Fall 1994.  After four parking violations are incurred by an individual the face value of the ticket will double each time another parking violation occurs. Examples of this are stated on the back of your copy of the Penn State DuBois Student Parking and Traffic Regulations.