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KIC Introduces Youth to New Learning Opportunities

Kids In College 2012 sidewalk art
6/19/2012 —

Summer youth programs at Penn State DuBois are keeping young minds engaged in learning during the summer break from school.  Children from age four, through high school age students, have a large variety of courses available to them. The courses mainly focus on the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and art, and directly relate to the academic programs of study offered at Penn State DuBois.


"The Robotics with Lego course introduces students to the field of engineering," said Jeannine Hanes, youth program coordinator.  "They use some advanced systems produced by Lego to learn the fundamentals of engineering.  But, they have fun learning this way, because they're still using the familiar Lego blocks." 


Hanes went on to describe a Technology Tuesday program that introduced youngsters to subjects covered in the campus Wildlife Technology and Earth Science curriculums. It also taught the kids some basic outdoor skills.  Course instructor Keely Roen explained the course saying, "They're learning to use a compass, draw maps, and use maps to identify roads, lakes, and other geographical features.  It's a great starter course for geography and navigation." 


"Preparing youth for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math includes provoking, informing, and stimulating creative thinking. Through hands-on experiments, activities, and projects, students will gain meaningful and relevant learning experiences this summer at Penn State DuBois," Hanes said. 


For additional information regarding youth programs at Penn State DuBois, please visit www.ds.psu.edu/youth  or call Jeannine at 814-375-4836



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