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Enriching the Student Experience

Campaign Goal: $2,000,000

To assure a quality academic and co-curricular learning environment, future campus needs include the addition/enhancement of academic and student affairs programming.


Programming: $1,000,000

  • Enhance services, especially in the evening, for adult learners.
  • Develop partnerships to facilitate internships and community-based research projects.
  • Provide student professional society memberships, conference opportunities and career focused programming.
  • Develop performing arts program, including national speaker series and theatre arts initiatives for the greater north-central Pennsylvania community.
  • Create a travel fund to help cover transportation, meals and other related expenses for academic and cultural experiences away from the DuBois campus.

Athletics: $500,000

  • Enhance existing and develop new varsity athletic, recreational and club sport opportunities. Increase support of participation in Penn State University Athletic Conference (PSUAC).

Honors Program: $300,000

The Honors Program brings together the brightest students from all degree programs offered by the DuBois campus. Through representation of each campus program, no one disciplinary perspective dominates and everyone has access to the breadth of learning provided by the campus.

  • Enhance curricular and extracurricular opportunities related to a student’s program of study and offer fellowship and exploration of the world to expand cultural perspectives.
  • Provide scholarship support to attract students interested in honors level studies.
  • Develop first-year honors courses and support of undergraduate research and internships.
  • Support for travel expenses and the provision of national and international learning opportunities to aid in gaining new perspectives.

Promoting Global Involvement: $200,000

The dynamics of the world economy are rapidly changing, the competition is no longer the individual or organization next door, but rather individuals and organizations in other countries. The only way one can compete in this global environment is through education and understanding.

  • Sponsor students in international exchange programs – focusing in the fields of Science & Engineering.
  • Create internship opportunities abroad.
  • Create a student travel stipend.
  • Facilitate summer abroad programs.
  • Create student enrichment programs to send students to Wall Street and other such entrepreneurial activities.

For further information please contact Jean Wolf, Director of Development, at jaw57@psu.edu or (814) 372-3038.