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The funds from scholarships help students pay for tuition expenses.   

Over 95% of our students receive financial aid and, on average, graduate with over $18,400 in college loans. Regrettably, many are forced to leave school before graduating for lack of funds.

Scholarships help ease the financial burden placed on a student. It means a student may devote more time to studying because they don’t have to work a second job.

Scholarships help the University by allowing us to attract the best and brightest students who may otherwise be unable to afford a Penn State education.

Scholarship benefactors ensure the future of our students, the University, the Commonwealth, and the nation.

DuBois Scholarships and Awards

Giving Levels

Award:  $20,000.  An award recognized academic excellence, can be named for the donor, and in a specific academic discipline, or a general award

Undergraduate scholarship:  $50,000.  An undergraduate scholarship can be named for the donor and generally recognizes academic potential.  It can be designated for general scholarship support, or can be designated for a specific academic area.