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Ensuring Student Access and Opportunity

Campaign Goal: $5,000,000



Helping students meet the challenges of tuition, textbooks and technology, and living expenses through scholarships and stipends is the main focus of the campaign.



Trustee Matching Scholarships: $3,000,000

Through the Trustee Matching Scholarship Program, new scholarships established with minimum $50,000 endowments will have their annual payout matched, in perpetuity, from the University’s operating budget.

Endowed General Scholarship Fund: $1,000,000

Provide scholarships to students enrolled in credit and/or non-credit programs based upon need and/or merit. Math, Science and Engineering Technology related majors will be of special emphasis as well as scholarships for the Honors Program.

Importantly, endowed scholarships give the donor the opportunity to establish guidelines for how funds from their endowment will be used, thus ensuring that their area interests benefit from their contributions. Endowed scholarships and awards continue to generate funds for deserving students in perpetuity as well as increase in value over time. They also allow the donor or other interested parties to continue to donate to the endowment, thereby ensuring that awards keep pace with inflation and tuition increases over time.

Commuter Student Initiatives – Endowment: $500,000

Assist commuter students with books, transportation, and other educational costs when they encounter unexpected personal expenses, subsidize specially requested bus transportation to/from the campus from select areas, help provide On-Line/Polycom/Centra course development and delivery to remote areas and establish Outreach Centers.

Non-Endowed Scholarships/Awards: $500,000

Includes annually funded scholarships to recruit and retain students and awards that recognize student achievements.

For more information please contact Jean Wolf, Director of Development, at jaw57@psu.edu or (814) 372-3038