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Fostering Discovery and Creativity

Campaign Goal: $500,000


A major concern in north central Pennsylvania is “Brain Drain”, that is, our young people are leaving the area because they are unable to find employment after graduation from college.



  • Develop a Center/Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation to assist in the creation of more businesses in the area, provide appropriate technical assistance to new business ventures to help stop “brain drain”.
  • Offer opportunities for faculty, staff and business to engage students to think in new ways to make north central Pennsylvania a vibrant place to live and work.
  • Provide a “Think Tank” setting to build ideas and connect with business and economic development agencies and collaborate across Penn State colleges and campuses.
  • Develop an environment that fosters entrepreneurial thinking in our students regardless of major.


For further information please contact Jean Wolf, Director of Development, at jaw57@psu.edu or (814) 372-3038