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Penn State’s Board of Trustees has approved a groundbreaking philanthropy program that makes donors partners with the University in supporting our students.  Through the Trustee Matching Scholarship Program, scholarship endowments will have their average annual payout matched, in perpetuity, from the University’s operating budget.

How does the Trustee Matching Scholarship work?  You can take advantage of the program in one of two ways: 
1. Create your own Trustee Matching Scholarship. 
-  New scholarship endowments of $50,000 or more are eligible for the program.  The Trustee Matching Scholarship Program will be available until all University matching funds are depleted.
Penn State will make 5% of the pledge – an amount equal to the average annual income from an endowment – available immediately for scholarships. 
As soon as gifts are received, the spendable income will be combined with the University’s match in perpetuity. 
Newly created scholarships can be designated for particular campuses or colleges, and a preference may be expressed for recipients within a particular major.


2. Give to the General Trustee Matching Scholarship Funds.
With a gift from Barnes & Noble, our Book Stores Partner, Penn State has established a general Trustee Matching Scholarship Fund for every campus and college. 
Your gift to these funds will be added to those of other donors, and the fund will earn the same 5% match from the University as individual endowments.

For more information on Trustee Matching Scholarships, contact the Development Office at (814) 375-4775.