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Lion Paw

Our service pledge is, "We at Penn State DuBois believe our potential and current students, their families, our alumni, our regional community, and all Penn State employees deserve outstanding service instrumental in supporting their goals and success." The shorter, easier-to-remember version is,

"Remember to ROAR"

With each letter of ROAR standing for good service.

With this pledge in mind, we pledge to:

Remain respectful and courteous at all times

Overcome barriers...listen carefully to the needs of those we serve, both individually and collectively

Act in a timely and caring manner

Relay accurate information through effective communication


Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2013:

Diane Lucas, IT Staff  - As a member of the "green team" I have been submitting the weekly green message to Diane for our campus digital signage. These are facts or quotations about sustainability designed to educate our faculty/staff and students on the importance green initiatives. Not only has Diane displayed the messages each week, but she has gone above and beyond to add different graphics and photos to each message in to order to make them very appealing/beautiful. An outstanding job on her part, as usual. (7-25-13)

Tech Service Staff - During the recent flooding/storm the entire Tech Service staff went above and beyond the call of duty, trying to prevent damage to buildings and contents. Few people know about the weekend of June 29th & 30th, when some staff put in over 16 hours overtime to help keep the campus safe.

Chuck Dietz
Roger Curley
Dennis Duttry
Jeff Pernesky
Jim Rieg
Doug Snell
Dom Suplizio
Randy Spaid
Dick Kerstetter
Kristine Curley
Deb Wendel
Greg Heasley


LuAnn Demi, OTA Program Coordinator/Instructor - LuAnn has demonstrated continued commitment to not only the current students in the OTA program through advising, innovative learning activities, community directed service learning and advocacy, but she always makes herself available to the numerous prospective students who call, email, and visit campus. The service she provides has directly impacted the success of the OTA program. (1-21-13)

Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2012:

Vince Calabrese, Instructor in Chemistry - Over the last few days your name has been mentioned on several fronts.  One from the University wide safety inspector, where you were praised highly for your vigilance in the labs here on our campus. Today one of our new faculty members, said that you should be commended for all that you have unselfishly contributed to her biology labs.  She said she was new and with your help has had a great start and that you should be praised for a “job well done”.   (10-19-12)

Robin Gill, Instructional Designer - Robin was very helpful in getting my situation with my final fixed and had great communication with me (I was not home so she called me personally to let me know the issue was resolved). (5-8-12)

Diana Kreydt, Disabilities Coordinator - Diana has been more than helpful, she has been caring and very empathetic when times were rough. I will truly miss having someone like Diana to turn to now that I am done on campus. Appreciate her taking/making time for the students in need. (5-8-12)

Kelly Redding, OTA Instructor - Kelly gave our entire class a great learning experience. She takes time to make sure we fully understand what she is teaching and always encourages us to ask questions and to feel confident when asking. I just wanted her to be noticed for being such an outstanding instructor. I truly enjoyed her class. (5-8-12)

Liz dela Torre, Registrar's Office - In recent weeks I have asked Liz, in Jeanne's absence, for assorted data queries-she not only attends to the request promptly and correctly, she always does so pleasantly and with grace. Liz is a new and welcome asset to PSU DuBois. (5-1-12)

Chase Lyle, Joey Schaeffer, PSU DuBois Student THON Dancers - Chase and Joey did a tremendous job dancing at THON this past weekend. We are extremely proud of them and the great job they did representing our Campus. (2-20-12)


Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2011:

Corinne Segalla, Finance Office and Jeanne Hunter, Registrar - displayed their exceptional commitment to a recent graduate of Penn State. Due to their extraordinary efforts, the student was able to graduate this summer and receive a refund on their account. Needless to say, the student was very grateful to the staff for their prompt response to her particular delimma. (8-19-11)

The Penn State DuBois Engineering Club members ROARED with their club project to host the Drake Well Museum's Mobile Energy Education Unit on April 6. They worked diligently to schedule, organize, and market the event.What a great display of student leadership and providing opportunities for experiential learning for faculty, staff, students, and community! Great job!

These members helped during the event:

Justin Kerr (President & Event Co-Orgranizer); Patrick Passmore (Vice President)(Event Organizer); Kevyrn Boser (Secretary); Josh Yohe (Treasurer); Chase Lyle; Jake Fye; Mark Kopp (participated heavily); Fred Coulter; Patrick Watkavitch (4-7-11)

Caleb McGarvey, Student: Caleb found a large amount of money on campus and turned it in. Needless to say, the student to whom the money belonged was extremely happy to get it back. Thanks, Caleb, for your honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. YOU ROAR!! (3-24-11)


Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2010:

Jessie Doran, Student: I am an adjunct in Clearfield and Jessie Doran kindly either picks up or returns items (textbooks or video tapes) for me to the DuBois campus to save me time and gas since I live in Punxsutawney. Not only is she doing me a favor, but she is allowing me to reduce my carbon footprint, which is VERY important to me as an Earth science instructor! She ROARS! (11-8-10)

Ed Williams, Student: Ed Williams is one of our amazing Lion Ambassadors here at our campus. This past summer, during our "Spend A Summer Evening" event, he gave a tour to a prospective student and his family. This prospective student had also visited Penn State Altoona, and needed to make his decision about which campus would be best for him attend. I was recently informed by a neighbor of this prospective student that he decided to attend Penn State DuBois because of his tour and interaction with Ed. I am so proud of Ed and thankful that we have him as one of our Ambassadors!! (9-13-10)

Vince Calabrese, Chemistry: Vince Calabrese did an outstanding job in preparing the Temporary Lab set up on campus. Through his efforts the technical service staff was able to expedite the moving process. His diligence was greatly appreciated. (9-9-10)

Jean Wolf, Development: Jean Wolf for achieving her first really group of major gifts by the time the Trustees arrived. The pledged amount is $300,000. (8-23-10)

Missy Duttry, Admissions: for her continued willingness to help with all events, but especially her planning of the tour groups for the Trustees visit. (8-20-10)

Jan Monaco, Advising Center: Her wisdom has been proven valuable many times over just today.
She successfully navigated students to appropriate persons and offices, served as a liaison for student testing, and mediated student issues in order for them to start classes this Fall. She has greeted everyone with the courtesy and grace that we would all like to experience on a daily basis but especially when beginning a new challenging academic world. Thank you! (8-19-10)

Linda Enseki, Advising Center: Linda graciously helped students prepare for their Penn State DuBois future by scheduling, directing them to appropriate offices and staff, and providing them with essential policies necessary for a smooth transition into the academic world. She has truly changed the trajectory of people's lives today. (8-18-10)

Lisa LaBue, Rebate Coordinator: I want to let you know that she goes above and beyond to make sure that we are always taken care of with Penn State rebate cards. There has been times that we are too late getting our scrip order in and she always pulls through with getting and having on hand the rebate cards that we need!
Lisa has very excellent customer service!! #1 (8-17-10)

Autumn Weil, Alumni & Development Specialist: For her work with the planning committee of the anniversary kick-off weekend and the alumni for a wonderful start of the Anniversary. (8-16-10)

Jason Long, IST Program Leader and Marly Doty, Student Life Coordinator: For their creativity and planning of the 75th Anniversary Community Festival. (8-13-10)

Lisa LaBue, Rebate Program Coordinator: For her behind the scenes work on several major anniversary projects that would not have happened had it not be-en for her, such as the 75th Anniversary Pin, the Banners on and off campus, the Lantern Walk arrangements, etc. (8-9-10)

Corinne Segalla, Bursar: Corinne did an exceptional job helping with a situation that had me quite worried regarding a PLUS loan and my son's (incoming freshman) tuition bill due date. I didn't apply for a PLUS loan as soon as I should have (I realize now) due to waiting for another item of aid to show up on his account to know how much to borrow. When I did recently complete the PLUS loan process, I didn't realize the length of time it might take to process due to a credit check. Corinne answered my emails promptly and was able to provide a solution (much to my relief) by extending the due date in case we needed that. She kept an eye on my son's account and went above and beyond with the some finishing touches. I am grateful! (8-6-10)

Mark Matusky, Assistant Director of Business Services: For his leadership throughout the last two and one-half months and good sportsmanship at the campus Community Festival. (8-6-2010)

Lisa Taylor, Chancellor's Office: For her excellent work in preparation of the Commencement Program and luncheon, her attention to many details related to the Board of Trustees Meeting and her work on the 75th Anniv. History Project. (8-2-2010)

Diane Lucas, Information Technology: For her dedication and commitment to excellence while preparing the PowerPoint to support my presentation to the Board of Trustees. (7-28-2010)

Robin Gill, Academic Affairs: One of our students broke down along Interstate 80 and Robin came along and stopped to help him - not knowing at the time that he was a student here. She was able to help him get back on the road. Robin ROARED in a big way for her "Good Samaritan" act. (4-28-2010)

Dwaine Allen, PSU DuBois Student: Dwaine Allen upgraded the sound system for the student athletes during their home contests by securing two existing speakers. Student athletes were so excited about the sound of their warm-up music that you could hear them ROAR because of Dwaine's thoughtfulness and initiative in doing this. He wasn't looking for any recognition for doing this and that's the reason why he is so deserving. Way to ROAR, Dwaine!! (2-3-2010)

Joel Welsh, IT Department: Joel has consistently provided prompt and friendly service that has met my needs. I never feel like I am imposing on him as his manners and attitude are superb! (1-4-2010)

Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2009:

Mark Matusky, Tech Services: When help was requested, Mark provided on the spot service and did so without making one feel he was being a bother. (12-18-09)

Kirby Brown, Tech Services: Kirby knew what to do regarding a gas leak and provided prompt, friendly service. Very knowledgeable! (9-15-09)

Roger Curley, Tech Services: Superb, prompt service! Very knowledgeable and helpful with chemistry lab need. (9-15-09)

Brodie Ferut, PSU DuBois Student: Brodie found a laptop in the student parking lot yesterday and brought it to the Reception area of the Hiller Building. His honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated by the staff and also by the owner of the laptop. Thanks, Brody! YOU ROAR! (9-2-09)

Jan Polifko & Patty Toney, Hiller Reception: Jan and Patty have gone out of their way to help us prepare for the incoming students and to get through this first week of classes. With the increase in the number of students, especially adult learners under the TRA program, and the paperwork involved, we would not have been ready without Jan and Patty's help. "The girls" are always ready to provide a helping hand for anyone who needs assistance. THEY ROAR!!!! (8-31-09)

Chris Klinger, Academic Affairs: When asked for assistance getting home in a time of need, Chris was promptly willing to do so. (8-27-09)

Brian Hart, Diane Lucas, Joel Welsh, Information Technology: I had the opportunity to interact with some colleagues from other campuses and we were discussion the IPAS scan and other services provided by IT. It was at that moment that I realized how truly supportive our IT staff here at Penn State DuBois is! Brian, Diane and Joel...you ROAR. Thank you for being so attentive during the IPAS scans especially.

You made something that seemed so scary VERY easy. I appreciate all that you do for us. (6-22-09)

Rebecca Miller, Registrar's Office: I recently contacted Rebecca to request room reservations for the annual Junior and Senior Scholastic Challenges. Rebecca provided excellent customer service; she was patient and very efficient even when I had to make changes for the 5th and 6th times due to constraints beyond my control!Thank you Rebecca. (1-22-09)

Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2008:

Jason Long, IST Faculty: Jason went out of his way to go pick up tickets for one of our students that was unable to travel to University Park to get them. He showed wonderful customer service for our students by stepping up and lending a paw!

Janet and Sandy - The Lion's Den Cafe: Janet and Sandy have done a marvelous job of keeping the Lion's Den running smoothly while Polly has been ill. Those of us who rely on the daily lunches and the catering services are very thankful for their dedication and professionalism.

Janet and Sandy have done a marvelous job of keeping the Lion's Den running smoothly while Polly has been ill. Those of us who rely on the daily lunches and the catering services are very thankful for their dedication and professionalism.

Brian Hart, Joel Welsh, Diane Lucas, Information Technology: The CLEP program is a computer-based testing service throug the College Board. To Brian: I thank him for his insight into the planning and coordination of the acquisition of a very nice system for this project! To Diane: I would like to commend her for her attention to detail and her supportive nature during the planning and testing phases. To Joel: I would like to thank him for the exceptional work that he did in setting up the hardware and in helping us trouble-shoot the software, as well as for his efforts in making ready the CLEP Workstation for our students. On behalf of the students served by this project, I thank you for your efforts!

Joel Welsh, Information Technology: Joel is always ready and willing to help, he displays knowledge of computers and conveys it with an easy calm, manner; smiling as he gives assistance.

Pamela Ott, PSU DuBois Student: Pam found an envelope of rebate certificates in the student parking lot. She returned them to the Tuition Rebate Office and the student was extremely happy to have his certificates back. We salute Pam for her honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. She has ROARED!!!!

Jan Monaco, Advising Center: At the busiest moment and time when students are going in and out of the office for FTCAP and appointments, Jan found the time to do the most hospitable thing for one of our out of state students and her sister. She took them to look at an available rental when they didn't have any transportation to get there. Very cool! (8-5-08)

Linda Gelnett, Continuing Education: I just wanted to acknowledge that Linda Gelnett roared today! She took time out of her busy schedule to help us during Barb's vacation by entering the work study payroll for Barb so she did not have to come in to do it. We in Student Affairs greatly appreciate Linda for this above and beyond action! Thanks (8-4-08)

Christy Fulton: Christy roared this semester. She was always willing to help students and showed extreme enthusiasm for Earth Science. She demonstrated leadership and service to the DuBois Campus. (4-30-08)

April Niver, Faculty: I would like to nominate April Niver for her dedication in supporting and acknowledging those veterans who have sacrificed their lives in order to promote freedom and peace throughout the world. The "Eyes Wide Open" display that was on campus last Friday was a phenomenal event that really made us stop and give thought/thanks to those who willingly serve this country. April has also made contributions to others via her work with the Women's Liaison Committee. Keep up the good work! (4-23-08)

Roxanne Masisak, Academic Affairs: Roxanne roared today! I did not know how to submit a specific form that I needed to complete immediately and so called Roxanne to find out if she knew how to do it. She immediately dropped what she was doing and came right over to help me. She taught me how to do what I needed in no time at all! I know how busy everyone can be but she dropped what she was doing to help and was happy to do it! I can't express how greatful I am! (4-11-08)

Polly Read, Lion's Den: Polly has provided significant support for the Junior and Senior Scholastic Challenges for the past several years. Her assistance makes everything much easier for us to provide the snacks for the guests who come to the events. We really appreciate her help! (3-28-08)

Samantha Hockenberry, Student: Samantha found some money on campus this morning and turned it into lost and found. Her honesty should be applauded. Samantha ROARED by exhibiting outstanding character. (3-27-08)

Dan Reirdon, Will Bacharach, Jesi Brubaker - THON Committee, Dancers: Our THON dancers, Dan and Will, did an outstanding job at THON this year. The THON Committee, with Jesi as Chairperson, raised over $6,200 for THON from our area this year. WAY TO ROAR!!! (3-25-08)

Angie Russell, Business Services: I found myself in a situation where I needed to prepare for an upcoming technology presentation, and I was without the proper materials. Angie dropped what she was doing and helped gather the necessary materials immediately. Without her help I could have never been prepared to do my presentation! (2-15-08)

Barb Holt, Admissions: Barb Holt ROARED last night! She kindly bought Valentine's Day cookies for everyone that enjoyed Group Soup on Thursday night! If you see her and participated in Group Soup say a little thanks! (2-14-08)


Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2007:






Kyle Hilfiger, Ryan Miller, Jenn Watkavitch, PSU Students: Kyle and Ryan are our Thon dancers for 2006. They did an excellent job and made it through the 48 hours. Way to go, guys! We are VERY proud of you. Kyle made the TV 10 news and Ryan will be in the Centre Daily Times. Jenn was chairwoman for the event this year and we are also very proud of her efforts to raise over $5000 from the DuBois Campus this year. Way to ROAR Kyle, Ryan, and Jenn!

Marianne Webster, Advising Center: Marianne put forth a Herculean effort to provide statistics for an OVR Transition Program at the Punxsutawney High School. Many thanks for a great job! 2/7/06

Diane Lucas, Information Technology Dept: Diane spent the better part of the day working to get my computer up and running after it started experiencing some problems. She attacked the problem several times before finally getting it resolved. She was wonderful - and EXTREMELY PATIENT with the number of times I called her when the problem persisted. She ROARED for me today!!! 2/2/06

Corinne Segalla, Finance Office: A University Park Student called this past Friday at 4pm because he had a hold on his account from an outstanding Emergency Loan he had received when he was a student at DuBois. He had to pay the loan back to have the hold released so he could schedule his classes. The Student did not arrive to pay back the loan until 5:20pm and when I asked him why he waited till the last minute to do this he told me that he had just returned from Iraq and got reaccepted into PSU. Corinne did not know that at the time but waited for the student so she could release the hold and he would be able to schedule his classes. Thanks Corinne. 1/16/06

Roxanne Masisak, Academic Affairs & Edmond Ilia, MATE Faculty: I took a phone call from DRMC this morning. They had someone in the ER who needed a translator for Albanian and were hoping we could help.

Not knowing personally if we could, I took the staff member's name and phone number. I told her I knew just who to ask and would call her back with an answer. I went to Roxanne who did not even hesitate with an answer. She knew that one of our part-time faculty members, Edmond Ilia, was from Albania. She looked it up to verify, but of course was correct. She contacted him, and he agreed to help. In less than 10 minutes not only did DRMC have an answer, but they had a translator too!


Faculty and staff that ROARed in 2005:

Brian Hart, Information Technology Director, Jan Monaco, Registrar, Diane Lucas, Information Technology: Brian, Diane and Jan all "roared" late last Friday afternoon. A new Nursing student I was working with needed her ID and Access Account because she was going out of town for the holidays. Brian, Diane and Jan all went out of their way to provide excellent service to her. Their efforts made what could have been a frustrating experience for the student into a very good one! 12/20/05

Anthony Vallone, Faculty: I am a non traditional student who has been taking classes sporadically at the DuBois Campus for almost twenty years. The last two semesters it has been my pleasure to take poetry classes from Antonio Vallone. He is extremely witty, well informed and because of him I have learned to appreciate both reading poetry and writing poetry in a way I never would have thought possible. He is an asset to our local campus - a quality professor that one might expect to find only in a larger setting such as UP. We are very fortunate indeed to have access to such a wonderful professor right in our own front yard! 12/15/05

Margo Boman, Advising Center: Margo Bowman of the Academic Advising Center at the DuBois Campus is a terrific asset to our local campus. I am a non-traditional student on the "twenty year plan". No kidding! I've been taking classes since 1986 and have been fortunate to work with many fine PSU employees. However, I am now getting down to the wire with about twenty credits left to accomplish before graduation and Margo really knows her stuff. She assures my decisions about completing these final classes are wise. She makes herself available (I work full time so my schedule doesn't permit visits during day time hours). She is kind and extremely well informed. I say "bravo" to Margo Bowman for being a wonderful representatives of the Pennsylvania State University. 12/15/05

Margo Boman, Advising Center: I just want to thank Margo for taking time out of her BUZY schedule to discuss what's happening in my life. She has taken time to talk and listen to anything that I may have to discuss. She is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and I respect her for all that she does know. I will never forget her kindness and especially her laughter that fills the Advising Center! She is an awesome woman and should be commended on her hard work and dedication to the DuBois Campus! Thank you Margo, keep on laughing and working your magic with FTCAP & Student advising! 12/14/05

Marianne Webster, Advising Center:
I have been Work/study for over a year in the Advising Center, having the greatest opportunity to work for and with Marianne. I have gone to Marianne for advise on everything, including student life and personal life instances. She is the most giving, caring, loving and knowledgable woman I have ever met! She has helped me by providing me with books to read, clothes to wear at the office, and unconditional friendship. I know that if I need ANYTHING, Marianne makes me comfortable asking for it, because she is happy to do it!! I have enjoyed the stress-free environment, since working at the Advising Center with Marianne Webster!! I just want to thank her for everything. 12/14/05

Tech Services, Tech Services: The tech service team did their usual outstanding job of snow removal and preparing the campus on Friday, December 3, 2005. Penn State has the best maintained sidewalks and lots in town! 12/14/05

Sally Round, PSU DuBois Student: Sally worked tirelessly to help prepare the Student Union for the holiday festivities...she was here before 7:30 when I arrived and worked on it all day! Thanks for spreading the joy of the holiday season. 11/28/05

Marjorie Feasler, The Learning Center: Marjorie was the advisor I needed to get me though my panic attacks. She helped me with my classes and also was a great mentor. 11/17/05

Marjorie Feasler, The Learning Center: Marjorie is an English tutor; however she has provided me with help concerning all of my courses. If Marjorie did not know the answer she directed me to someone that did. Marjorie is a priceless resource here at Penn State DuBois. 11/17/05

Brad Howell, PSU DuBois Student:Recently there was a problem with the Napster application in our student labs, Brad was instrumental in working with Napster and help to solve the issue. Thanks! 10/27/05

Roxanne Masisak, Academic Affairs: Roxanne has always been a tremendous help to me as a new faculty member. Recently, I asked her help on a particular project which has become quite time consuming. She could have easily referred me to where I could find the information but instead she has helped me above and beyond the call of duty and with her help and expertise my students will benefit, which is always a good thing! 10/26/05

Joel Welsh, Information Technology: Joel always responds promptly and courteously whenever we need service to our computer equipment and accessories. In addition, Joel answers questions about computer programs such as Microsoft Word, and he is always polite and helpful whenever we call him. Thanks, Joel! 10/24/05

Joel Welsh, Information Technology: Joel always responds promptly and courteously whenever we need service to our computer equipment and accessories. In addition, Joel answers questions about computer programs such as Microsoft Word, and he is always polite and helpful whenever we call him. Thanks, Joel! 10/24/05

Marianne Webster, Advising Center:
Marianne Webster has always been there when I needed a smile, always had a wise word when I was at a loss for reason, and I do not remember a time when she did not have an answer for my questions. I do believe there should be a big INFORMATION sign hanging above her desk :). I just want to say thank you Marianne! Thank you for all the time you give. Thank you for for making life sweeter when it seemed to be so bitter and I could not see the road ahead. You go the extra mile to guarantee success in the students here!! 10/22/05

Joseph Hummer, Faculty:
I am a 2003 graduate from Penn State DuBois. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Wildlife Technology. I am currently attending Penn State University Park majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. I just wanted to comment on Mr. Hummer's performance as my teacher, mentor and advisor. In all my years of schooling, including high school, I never came across a teacher that meant so much to me! He was always there for me when I need help, advice or just to converse with. Not only did I consider Mr. Hummer as a teacher, but as a friend as well. I wish Mr. Hummer the best in the years to come. 10/17/05

June Strom, Faculty: June recently went 'above and beyond' her normal duties as math tutor in the Learning Center. She has been working with a student on graphing and the student was having trouble visualizing what the graphs look like. Through hard work and creative teaching aids, June was able to help the student finally understand the graphs. The student consequently scored near the top of the class on the exam! 10/7/05

Audrey Bollinger, Faculty: Audrey was very caring and understanding in a time of need. She didn't have to help me, but chose to anyway. 10/7/05

Diana Ricotta, Continuing Education: Diana has helped me every year for the past 15 years on the Scholastic Challenges held at the Campus and never complains. She organizes everything on the Penn State end to make it run smoothly for the many schools involved. 10/6/05

Erika Olson, PSU DuBois Student: Erika has been caring, understanding, and cheerful on and off the volleyball court. She is the one person you can look to and see a smile during the bad times! Advice is Erika, she always has been there to help and listen to anyone's problems. I enjoy her greatness in my life. That's why she ROARed for me. 10/5/05

Sally Crandall, Pam Hufnagel, Rick States - Faculty: These three faculty members covered classes for a fellow professor who was suddenly taken ill. They deserve a big "Thank You" for their act of service to the campus community. 10/4/05

Mark Matusky, Business Services: Having 30 years of helping and serving Students/Faculty and Staff - thank you for a great 30 years of service! 10/3/05

Michelle Singer, Senior Research Technician: Michele goes beyond her job description of maintaining, and assisting with the labs at PennState DuBois. She is always willing to give a helping hand for a fellow faculty member and is always there for students. On many occasions when I was struggling in a Math course or in Chemistry, Michele would stay after work to help, and encourage me. Penn State DuBois has many silent heroes and I am proud to give mention to Michele! 9/27/05

Rebecca Pennington, Student Life: Even though time is short with added responsibilities she has continued to help the SGA and other clubs perform their (our) campus duties. 9/27/05 Provided student tickets to Penn State/Minesota football game in a special section for an individual. 10/14/05

Polly Read, Snack Bar: Polly, always without fail, provides excellent service – she recently put together a wonderful spread for Ross Kester’s and Hank Webster’s 25 year award celebration – always with a smile. 9/27/05

Marge Pendzick, LuAnn Demi, Faculty: Thanks for organizing Kids in College on your own time! 9/27/05

Missy Duttry, Admissions & Terry Feathers, Financial Aid: Missy and Terry, thank you for helping 3 young students who were seeking admission to our campus, after being displaced from their Universities in New Orleans. You both have been exemplary!  9/7/05




Each time a campus employee or student's name is submitted, they will become eligible to receive a small gift courtesy of the Chancellor.You can simply fill out an online form at the following location: Who ROARED for you? Giving our students the best possible service is just good common sense.  By doing do, it provides us with an excellent opportunity to make our campus stand out from the competition.   It also makes sense for us to provide the best possible service to each other. 

Use the following link to take you to a form, where you can submit information regarding examples of "good customer service" that you have experienced or witnessed. Please let us know when someone ROARED for you!: Who ROARED for you?

If you have any suggestions for ways to improve our service, please contact one of the members of the team. The team members are Barb Holt bxs281@psu.edu, Diane Lucas dll150@psu.edu , Patti Maholtz pjm35@psu.edu , Jan Monaco jtm194@psu.edu