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Mail Boxes & Services

Every faculty and staff member has a mailbox for incoming mail or messages.  A postage meter is located in this area to apply postage to mail containing University business.  The postage meter is to be used for University mail only.  Individual departments coordinate mass mailings as the need arises.  All Federal Express shipments must be approved by the budget administrator prior to being sent.

Locker Rentals

There are large and small lockers available for rental by students located in each building on campus.  Rental includes a combination lock provided by the campus.  A large locker rents for $2.50 per semester, and a small locker rents for $1.50 per semester.  If you would like to rent a locker, know the area your locker of choice is located and check for availability at the Business Services House.  If for some reason you decide to switch lockers with someone, please notify someone in the Business Services House of this change.  At the end of each semester, locks are collected.  Anything left behind is placed in the lost and found box.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found box at the Business Services House where lost items can be turned into or picked up.  If you are claiming something, please bring proper identification.

Smeal & Quiet Lounge Reservations

You will need to fill out the Penn State DuBois Facility Request form and return it to the Registrar.  This form needs to be filed out by the person requesting the room.  It can not be done over the phone.  Once  your reservation is confirmed, it will be placed on the calendar.

Copy Machine

An individual Access code (given out by Business Services), is assigned to each faculty and staff member to enable them to use the campus copy machines.  One number provides access to all the copiers on campus.  Copiers may be used for University business only.