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Quality Technician Methods Certificate (120 hours) This Penn State program has been developed to give participants an understanding of the technical methods involved in a successful manufacturing total quality system.  It is designed to prepare participants for the Certified Quality Technician exam administered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).  The course contents are focused on topic areas that affect quality assurance technicians in the workplace.  Students should have a sound background in algebra.

Certificate Requirements completion:

Quality Technician Mathematics Fundamentals

Quality Technician Methods I

Quality Technician Methods II

Quality Technician Methods III

Quality Technician Math Fundamentals (3.0 CEUs)

  • A thorough review of the fundamental mathematics required of the quality technician.
  • College level algebra and trigonometry concepts, operations and applications
  • Gain concepts of operations, including substitution, simplification, and solution of variables
  • This is the mathematical basis for the remaining courses.

Quality Technician Methods I (3.0 CEUs) 

  • A systematic study of data, attributes and variables derived from counting and measurement will be presented
  • Explore methods of data acquisition, tabulation, presentation, fundamental charting and reporting techniques
  • Learn methods of describing distributions, including models, mean and other capability indices
  • Applications to the work environment will be demonstrated in job-related assignments

Quality Technician Methods II (3.0 CEUs)

  • Real time data acquisition, tabulation, and analysis is demonstrated
  • Develop the topic of prediction
  • Sampling will be explored
  • Std 105 and 414 are introduced
  • Methodologies will be applied to participant’s normal work responsibilities

Quality Technician Methods III (3.0 CEUs)

  • Basic concepts of reliability and life testing will be explored
  • Examine the fundamental principles of estimation and hypothesis testing
  • Discuss estimation and testing problems involving one or two samples

Internal Auditor Training for ISO 9001:2008

Designed for anyone who will be conducting, managing, or participating in internal (first party) audits or helping to develop an ISO 9001-compliant quality system.  Understand how to prepare, conduct, and follow up on internal audits to ISO 9001.  Major topics include the analysis and interpretation of ISO 9001:2008, the quality system, the quality audit cycle, pre-audit activities, on-site audit activities, report writing, and corrective action.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Auditor/Lead Auditor Training

Start the process to becoming a registered lead auditor, spearhead the audit functions for your organization, and learn what an external auditor will expect when your facility is audited. Learn how to assess compliance with ISO 9001 from the industry experts. The hands-on activities teach you the skills you need to plan conduct, and follow up on ISO 9001 compliance audits.

ISO/TS 16949:2009 for the Automotive Industry

This program course covers the steps to develop, implement, and evaluate an internal audit system that meets ISO/TS 16949 and associated customer-specific requirements, as well as the needs of your organization.  Participants will learn how to prepare, conduct and follow up on internal audits.