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Explore Powder Metal Processing and Binder and Lubricants

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Advanced Powder Injection Molding

This basic MIM (metal injection molding The basic MIM (metal injection molding) process from raw materials, compounding, tool design, molding, de-binding, sintering, secondary operation, and NDE will be presented along with discussion of the powder injection molding process.  Detailed guidelines for formulations, design, control, and metrology will be described.  Emphasis on reduced component size technology and medical materials will be explored with relation to the future MIM market.

Binders and Lubricants

Will cover the function of lubricants and binders, different classes of lubricants and binders, interaction of polymers with powder surfaces, forming techniques, and selection and design using polymer additives.  A general overview of the fundamentals of polymer science will explore the basics of using binders and lubricants in powder metal processing.  Also included are the basics of polymer degradation.

Fracture and Failure Analysis

Will cover topics relating to the unique microstructure and properties of sintered materials, fracture behavior, and failure of sintered materials.  Acquire a basic knowledge of material mechanical behavior and discover how and why materials fail, and how to characterize the failure.  Examine case studies and legal aspects of failure analysis.

Powder Metal Fundamentals

Reviews all aspects of powder metal processing and is designed as a quick review for busy technical personnel.  Topics covered include component design, powder characteristics and their effect on the process, powder selection, powder pressing, sintering, and component characterization.