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Spatial Analysis and Engineering Design Principles:

Provides innovative instruction about the application of new design methods and processes in a variety of engineering disciplines. The certificate emphasizes the use of CAD software to create concise drawings to develop an effective design system to provide solutions for specific products, systems, components, or services.

To enroll in the Spatial Analysis and Engineering Design Principles Certificate, contact Douglas Miller (814) 375-4731 or djm290@psu.edu.

Healthcare Informatics

The healthcare industry is moving towards the widespread use of digital records and electronic information transfer.  This is resulting in a need for healthcare professionals to be knowledgeable in information technology and for information technology professionals at healthcare facilities to be more knowledgeable of the healthcare industry.  Professionals in these two areas both need to understand the complexities of medical information being digital stored and transferred.  This 18 credit certificate program provides students with insight into both professional areas.  Students may receive credit for previous coursework (up to 3 courses) upon academic review.

To enroll in the Healthcare Informatics Certificate, contact Fred Terwilliger (814) 590-9869 or fxt101@psu.edu.