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Photo of student Erica Olson My family encouraged me to go to a college near home for my first year so I could adjust to the level of challenge expected for college work.  After my first semester, I was so impressed with the Human Development and Family Studies program that I decided to declare it as my major and finish all four years at Penn State DuBois.  Adjusting to a more independent type of school work while playing a varsity college sport and working was challenging, but the staff and faculty were extremely supportive.
Erika Olson Class of 2006 Human Development & Family Studies


All of my life I have been more interested in the outdoors, nature, and wildlife as opposed to sitting behind a desk working at a computer. When I first heard about the Wildlife program I knew that was where I belonged...so here I am!  While working in the Wildlife program I have been involved in everything from presenting research at the Wildlife Society Conference to flipping over rocks in hopes of finding snakes. I've also netted and banded Northern Saw-whet owls, and attached radio transmitters to the shells of wood turtles. Photo of student Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams Class of 2005 Wildlife Technology


Photo of student Richie Texidor I’m a sophomore here at Penn State DuBois studying for a B.S. in Business Administration. I’m from Teaneck, New Jersey, and I chose Penn State for the name. Everyone knows the name Penn State and is instantly impressed. Here at Penn State I plan on making the most of my four years. I stay active in school with officer positions in both the Business Society and the All Come Together Club, playing varsity basketball, and other school events such as the leadership series. I also plan on becoming a “Big Brother” next semester.
Richie Texidor Class of 2008 Business


I’ve chosen the Letters, Arts, and Science degree because of the flexibility of class options available in the program.  I am planning to attend law school after graduation.  My intentions are to stay with the Penn State family, by attending Dickinson Law. Initially, returning to school was a bit awkward; however, now I thrive in my courses. Staff and faculty encouraged me to participate in clubs and organizations. I now belong to the Delta Mu Sigma, which I have just received an executive board seat. Photo of student Shawnda Hau
Shawnda Hau Adult Learner Letters, Arts, and Sciences


Photo of faculty member Jack Spillan

I am an Associate professor and program leader of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business.  My doctorate is in philosophy in economics/management from the College of Business in Warsaw, Poland, and I bring 16 years of teaching experience to Penn State DuBois.  I'm committed to ensuring that students are oriented to entrepreneurship, and have the practical skills to implement the ideas developed through entrepreneurial thinking. 

Students are known by their first names and helped with just about all issues associated with University life. Being able to talk with professors one on one who can provide individualized attention is a huge benefit for any student who wants a quality education."

Jack Spillan Associate Professor Business Administration