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The e-Innovation newsletter is designed to highlight the achievements of our faculty at Penn State DuBois that characterize innovation in research, service and teaching.  It also provides a forum to make faculty aware of upcoming professional workshops and information throughout the year. 

A new issue will be released at the end of each semester.  If you would like to contribute an idea or share your own project, research or teaching highlight please email Robin Gill at rlm14@psu.edu .  General ideas and suggestions for future issues are welcome. 


e-Innovation Newsletter Fall 2010
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e-Innovation Newsletter Fall 2010
26 PTA Students Go Hands On
Saw-Whet Owl Banding Success for Fall 2010
GeoSci Students—Go Blogging
Biology Goes High”er” Tech
Psychology Today Contributor
DUEL Experience for STEM students
BA 421 Lucas/ IT Corner

e-Innovation Newsletter Fall 2009
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e-Innovation Newsletter Fall 2009
Students create advertising campaign
Faculty wild about renovations
Students go Digital in Spanish
BIG competition winner announced
Money Matters
Glacier Research Grants
Angel Wing Bike seat

e-Innovation Newsletter Summer 2009
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e-Innovation Newsletter Summer 2009
IST Equipment Grant    
PT Lab to Receive Makeover
Wildlife Students Plant New Seeds
South Africa
OT Project Expands
Virtual Cultural Walks