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Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisers throughout their enrollment at Penn State. If you want information about a program at another campus or outside your adviser's area of expertise, you need to talk with a college representative knowledgeable about that program. 

Agricultural Sciences  AG  K. Roen  002  MPB

Arts & Architecture  AA  P. Fehrenbach  045 SMEAL

Behrend  BD  T. Hinton  206 DEF

Smeal College of Business   BA  A. Muth 177 SMEAL

Capital (Harrisburg)  CL  T. Hinton  206 DEF

Communications  COMM  M. Mino  176  SMEAL

Mineral Sciences  EMSC  B. Parizek 181 SMEAL

Education  ED  P. Hufnagel  109A HILLER

Engineering  ENGR  D. Waryoba 110J DEF

Health & Human Development  HHD  J. Kuterbach 234 SWIFT

Information Sciences and Technology  IST  J. Long  102J DEF

The Liberal Arts  LA   D. Gill   220 SWIFT

Science  SC  R. Loeb 239 SWIFT

Div. of Undergraduate Studies  DUS Coordinator,  T. Hinton  206 DEF

Altoona  AA  T. Hinton 206 DEF

Abington  AB  T. Hinton 206 DEF

Berks  BL  T. Hinton 206 DEF

University College  CC  T. Hinton 206 DEF