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Student and faculty working on research project.


An undergraduate research experience that provides the knowledge and skills to evaluate and produce research findings is becoming essential for our students. The Penn State DuBois campus is working to better meet these needs through the creation of a Student Oriented Research Laboratory and we nominate this endeavor for the Award for Innovation.  The Research Laboratory is providing our students with the space and tools to develop their abilities in many areas, while working along side their faculty mentors in an environment that enhances both individual and collaborative research.

The Research Laboratory was created to help students accomplish many tasks, including to develop research teams with faculty and other students who have similar interests, as well as to build partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations. 

The Student Research Laboratory at Penn State DuBois is designed to support areas of research that cover a breadth of disciplines.  Four distinct areas are stationed in the facility.  The first area is a Unix based system that will support research projects driven by the Unix operating system.  In the second area we have created a collaborative environment where students can use research laboratory laptops to analyze field data and work in groups up to three.  The third station of the research lab includes a powerful multimedia, windows machine that provides a digital video camera using firewire technology, as well as digital editing capabilities.  The final area is an additional, single station for high-end statistics analysis.  The Student Oriented Research Lab also contains a reference library that aids students in their projects.