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Robin L. Gill
Instructional Designer

My primary focus as the Sr. Instructional Designer at the Penn State DuBois campus is to support the initiatives that advance the learning experiences and environment that we provide for students and faculty.  The faculty are assisted in producing projects that involve active student participation and collaboration through the use of emerging academic technologies. Through this initiative, DuBois has been making a commitment to provide its faculty the time, technologies, and staff support to make measurable advances toward a contemporary learning environment.

As the Instructional Designer I am responsible for aiding faculty development in the use of instructional technology tools, and following the instructional design process to meet the instructional goals of their courses.  I  work with faculty in converting a targeted area of their instruction to include alternate routes that will enhance active learning and integrate more student-centered, learning approaches, while also considering the incorporation of appropriate academic technologies.

As the Penn State DuBois Campus ID, I have worked with faculty from all disciplines. I also work with faculty to submit proposals and grants to organizations within Penn State and outside the university. 

I am actively involved in providing and locating instructional opportunities for faculty to learn new teaching techniques and professional development, Outcomes & Program Assessment, Instructional Design for all delivery methods: Traditional Classroom F2F, Hybrid, Blended and Online Course development, and in providing training to the use a multitude of tools to deliver course content.  I am also actively engaged with assisting faculty in seeking grant funds to support the delivery of new teaching methods.  Providing spaces for students to experience all types of learning is a commitment of our campus.

Many of our initiatives are funded through grants, and with these funds we have made many strides in offering students and faculty the top of the line instructional labs and collaborative learning and presentation environments.